The hugs may be virtual but the love is real.

Available June 2020

No wants to miss the funeral service of a cherished family member or friend. Whether it’s because of a sudden health emergency like COVID-19, or more common issues such as age, illness, or the prohibitive cost of travel, sometimes it’s simply isn’t possible to attend the funeral service in person. When situations like these arise, funeral webcasting offers an excellent alternative. At Batchelor Brothers Funeral Services, we realize that missing out on the opportunity to say a final goodbye often results in deep regret and a profound sense of loss. We alleviate this pain with our secure, best-in-class software solutions that digitally stream funerals and memorial services for live or recorded viewing.

Funeral webcasting affords family and friends new ways to connect. From anywhere with an internet connection, mourners who are unable to attend the funeral or memorial in person can now be a part of the service. The miracle of live streaming makes it all possible. We also record these cherished events so they can be seen at any time, while offering a lasting memorial that can be preserved for future generations. Like a traditional funeral, our live stream feeds can be designated as public or private, and families are provided a link that can be shared with others as desired. In short, our streaming option allows loved ones to be a part of the ceremony no matter where they are.

It’s always our privilege to assist you. If you’re planning a funeral, please contact our caring funeral team to learn more about our webcasting services.

To participate in an active webcast, please refer to our locations pages for login information unique to each location: