Grief & Healing

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things to experience, and Batchelor Brothers recognizes that you should not have to go on this journey alone.  While we all handle loss in our own way, there are some common themes that you may experience on your road to healing. Our grief counselors are available to help you navigate the sometimes challenging emotions that arise as a result of loss.  When you can understand your feelings and know that what you're experiencing is normal, the suffering can feel easier to endure. 

Grief can be affected by many things: the age of the person who died, the circumstances of the death, the relationship with the deceased, and the number of losses one has experienced in their lifetime.  One's own life circumstances (employment, finances, support available) can also put added stress on individuals coping with loss.  The important thing to remember is that you are not alone.  

Working through your feelings of grief as they arise and seeking help as needed can have a true impact on the length of your grief, the amount of closure you feel, and the intensity of your suffering.  Our grief counselors are available to offer education on what to expect during the different stages of grief, to help you navigate difficult circumstances that often arise after losing a loved one, and to be a compassionate presence in this challenging time.  Counseling is available for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

We will soon launch our online resource center where you can find information that has been compiled by our grief counselors to assist you in supporting yourself and your loved ones.  Topics include: helpful books, websites, articles, stages of grief, coping during the holidays, poems on love and loss, etc.  We have also developed a specialized Children's Grief Support Center online to help you navigate how to support children through grief.  Families often have questions about how much to share with children, whether children should attend the viewing or funeral, what is normal for children to experience during grief.  You will find valuable information explaining how children experience loss at each developmental stage, local resources for grieving children, as well as books, websites, articles, etc.

Grieving Alone and Together: Responding to the Loss of Your Loved One during the COVID-19 Pandemic 
by Sara Murphy, PhD, CT, with a foreword by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

Download Here

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