How to Live Stream a Funeral Service

Please click the video link below that will show you the steps you must take to live stream a funeral at Batchelor Brothers Funeral Services.

Please note that each location has a unique streaming link as noted below:

When you need to be there, we make it possible.

Live streaming of services is now available at all of our locations.

* Our live streaming service is offered free of charge to families.  Many have enjoyed the results.  As a new technology in our industry, we are consistently working to improve the streaming experience. For more direct control over the experience, we invite families to directly contract a professional videographer as desired.

Take part in the private viewing of memorial ceremonies from anywhere. For a variety of reasons that extend beyond the COVID-19 health crisis, it isn’t always possible to attend a loved one’s funeral or memorial service. Sickness, financial challenges, aging, military duty, scheduling conflicts, and more can all interfere with the ability to attend these events in person. When these situations arise, funeral webcasting offers the next best solution. At Batchelor Brothers Funeral Services, we’ve embraced today’s cutting-edge technologies and funeral webcasting is rapidly becoming a popular alternative.

While we realize that it may not be feasible to physically attend the funeral service for a departed friend or family member, we also know that missing the opportunity to share a final goodbye can be especially heartbreaking. Using state-of-the art secure software, we provide digitally streamed funerals and memorial services for live viewing online.