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  • Embalmer/Funeral Director

Job Listing for Embalmer/Funeral Director

Job Description

An Embalmer/Funeral Director for Batchelor Brothers Funeral Services will assist with the clinical preparation and services for a family's loved one. At Batchelor Brothers Funeral Services, we strive to ensure that our Embalmers/Funeral Directors uphold the highest levels of care in support of families during their time of loss.

A Qualified Candidate Must

  • Possess relevant licensing in the State of Pennsylvania

Responsibilities of an Embalmer

An Embalmer will: 

  • Possess the ability to embalm deceased individuals in accordance with state regulations 
  • Prepare, casket and dress the deceased individual
  • Maintain a safe and sterile preparatory environment

Responsibilities of a Funeral Director

A Funeral Director will: 

  • Assist families in the pre-arrangement/arrangement process 
  • Provide support for families throughout the arrangement, service and burial process
  • Relay all service-related information to families in a clear and compassionate manner 


A number of personal characteristics make an individual suitable for the role of Embalmer/Funeral Director. These characteristics may include:

  • A heart for service 
  • Empathy towards families during their time of loss
  • Comfort in serving in a ministerial capacity, if needed

Excellent Salary & Benefits Package

Interested applicants should send resume to William Miller at